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2018    OFFICERS

PRESIDENT:  Susan Shawver

VICE PRESIDENT:  Pattee Goodwin   


TREASURER:  Anne Coffman

BOARD MEMBERS: Tim Miller/Jan Hutchins, Dave Koon, Randy Kinsolving/Debbie Kinsolving, Norm Kunze,

Phil Kaiden

INSTRUCTORS: Mike & Pattee Goodwin           

CLUB CONTACT:  Randy Kinsolving      Phone:  304-863-3323 


Mid Ohio Valley Shaggers BYLAWS


May 5, 2004


The name of this club shall be the Mid Ohio Valley Shaggers incorporated under the laws of the State of West Virginia.


The objective of this "not-for-profit" organization shall be to form an organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of beach music and to educate and teach others the art of Shag Dancing.


The membership of this club shall be unlimited.

Section 1 - Membership will be open to all persons 21 years or older who share the objectives of the club. The first year’s dues must accompany application for membership.

Section 2 - The initial membership dues shall be $10.00 per person per year. The club shall follow the calendar year, January - December. All members, whose dues are in arrears after January 31, shall be automatically dropped from the club.

Section 3 – Club members and guests shall strictly adhere to all rules of any facility being utilized by the Club. Should behavior of a club member be deemed unacceptable, Club membership can be terminated by a two-thirds vote of members of the Board of Directors.



Section 1 - Officers shall be elected in November to take office on January 1st.

The term of office shall be one year.

Section 2 – The President and Vice President shall not be husband and wife.

Section 3 - The officers of the club shall be:

A. President

B. Vice President

C. Secretary

D. Treasurer

E. Five Board Members (One of the five board members will be the immediate past president – See Article 7, Section 1)

These officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these by-laws and the parliamentary authority adopted by the club.

Section 4 – Officers shall be limited to holding a particular office for two consecutive years. This does not prohibit a member from serving in another office, if elected. (Eliminated by bylaws Article 11 Amendment 1 dated November 19, 2009)

Section 5 - The parliamentary authority will be Robert's Rules of Order.

Section 6 - Duties of the club officers:


(1) Shall open all meetings at the prescribed time and place.

(2) Shall conduct all business before the club and control debate within the rules of order.

(3) Shall authenticate, by his/her signature when necessary, all acts, orders, contracts, and checks of the club.

(4) Shall stand for the club, declaring the club's will and, in all things, obeying the club's commands.

(5) Shall appoint the Nominating Committee by August 1 for the yearly election of club officers subject to approval at the regular November Meeting.

(6) Shall serve Ex-Officio on all committees, except the Nominating Committee.

(7) Shall recommend a member to fill any unexpired offices, approval will by with 2/3 majority of the board.

(8) Shall approve minutes from previous meeting(s).

Vice President

(1) Shall assume the duties of the President in his/her absence.

(2) Shall act as club Parliamentarian.

(3) Shall be in charge of Telephone Committee.


(1) Shall keep minutes of club meetings.

(2) Shall read the minutes of the previous meeting.

(3) Shall conduct all club correspondence as directed.

(4) Shall maintain a list of all club officers and committee members.

(5) Shall call a meeting to order in the absence of the President and Vice President until a chairperson pro-tem can be nominated. This should take place immediately.


(1) Shall receive and bank all monies due to the club.

(2) Shall keep bookkeeping records of all funds.

(3) Shall dispense all money as the club may direct.

(4) Shall give monthly financial reports.

(5) Shall give complete financial statement at the annual meeting.

(6) Shall keep records of all dues paid by members and keep a current record of the general membership with addresses and phone numbers.


Section 1 - The club shall meet at least once a quarter, at a time determined by the Board of Directors.

Section 2 - The Board of Directors shall meet once per month at a time and place determined by the President.

Section 2-A - The President shall have the authority to call meeting of the Board of Directors, as s/he feels necessary to solve any regular or unusual problems.

Section 3 - Quarterly club meetings and monthly board meetings may be canceled only with the approval of a majority of the board members.

Section 4 - Business may be conducted at any club meeting. Special business meetings may be called by the President or at the request of one-fourth of the club membership.


One-fourth (1/4) of the club membership shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and for the election of officers.


Section 1 - The Board of Directors shall be made up of the club's officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, the immediate past President and four elected members.

Section 2 - The Board of Directors will generally supervise the affairs of the club between regular meeting subject to the rules of the club, and none of its acts shall conflict with action taken by the club.

Section 3 - Elected members of the Board of Directors shall chair, co-chair, or serve on at least one standing or special committee.

Section 4 - A quorum shall be considered to be present when a majority of the Board Members is in attendance.

Section 5 – For just cause, a board member may be dismissed from the board by a 2/3-majority vote of the Board of Directors



Section 1 - Audit Committee shall consist of (3) club members appointed by the President. It shall be the duty of the committee to examine the financial records of the treasurer and to present the report at the first meeting of newly elected officers. The Treasurer shall not serve on the Audit Committee.

Section 2 - The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) club members appointed by the President. The President or spouse of the President shall not be a member of the committee. It is the responsibility of this committee to select club members as candidates for Offices and Board of Directors, seeking the approval of the candidates before entering their names on the ballot. The list of candidates shall carry one or more names for each office to be filled and shall be presented to the President.

Section 3 - The President shall appoint chairperson(s) to special ad hoc and/or standing committees as necessary.



Section 1 - Annual membership dues shall be determined each year according to current expenses and as recommended by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership of the annual meeting.

Section 2 – Dues for new members shall be prorated after July 1 to fifty percent (50%). At the Board’s discretion, early renewal incentives or discounts may be given prior to December 30.

Section 3 - Members whose dues remain unpaid for more than 30 days will be automatically dropped from the club membership until such dues are paid in full.

Section 4 - Only persons whose dues have been paid may participate in the election of Officers or other club business.

Section 5 - The club shall not operate at a deficit. All functions of the club shall be planned and monies appropriated in advance.



Section 1 - DEFINITION - All monies, i.e., dues, initiation fees, donations, committee funds, and equipage.

Section 2 - DISBURSAL - To be made by the Club Treasurer for all proven debts.

Section 3 - The President may allocate funds up to $200 for just debts. This provision should prevent late payments and allow flexibility in accounting procedures.

Section 4 - DISSOLUTION – Should the club be dissolved by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all members, any holdings, including any monies in the treasury, shall be donated to some lawful charitable organization, as determined by the then-existing Board of Directors



Amendments of the by-laws may be made by a two-thirds favorable vote of the members present at a regular meeting. Proposed amendments must be presented, in writing, to the membership at large one month prior to the time of voting

Approved by: Date: April 12, 2004

By-Laws Committee Chairman

Approved by: Date: May 4, 2004


Adopted May 5, 2004


Amendment 1- Eliminate officer term limits In Article 4 Section 4.

Approved and adopted by the general membership November 19, 2009



Section 1 - Advisory Committee – The Advisory Committee is appointed by the President. The committee shall advise and assist the President at his/her discretion.


Section 2 –Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President by August 1. The Nominating Committee shall present a slate of officers and board members at the October monthly meeting for consideration for election at the November meeting. The Nominating Committee shall meet prior to approaching possible candidates.


Section 3 –Social Committee – The Social Committee shall plan and conduct all club social functions. The Committee shall coordinate any special social functions associated with the Board of Directors meetings. The Board of Directors shall approve scheduled dates, funds or financial commitments necessary for social events. Should the committee decide to move an event from a confirmed location, it may do so provided such action is approved by the Board and will not result in any financial loss to the club.


Section 4 - Telephone Committee - The Telephone Committee, at the direction of the Chairman, will communicate information deemed necessary by the President to each club member in a timely manner.